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The great deal of belts we have in stock locally

Conveyor belts

will surely help you find most suitable belts.

We always provide you with a technique to convey efficiently.

Conveyor systems

Please call us,
and you will be free from bothering.

Our know-how on Conveyor systems will coordinate the peripheral equipment appropriately.

Conveyor parts

We coordinate peripheral equipment appropriately with our know-how on conveyor systems.

We always support steady operation of equipment delivered by us.

Maintenance/Belt Jointing

We also undertake repairing/remodeling the conveyors delivered by other manufacturers, not to speak of the conveying systems delivered by us.

Our catalogs will help to resolve various matters of conveyance.

Download our catalogs

Please confirm with the catalogs the lineup of our conveying systems.

Steep Slope Conveyor Ecoron Roller Dual Holding Conveyor

Please let us know your troubles on conveyors.

Our experienced staffs will advise/respond to you.


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